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Crystal Singing Bowl Workshop

In this workshop either in person or online you will learn:

  • - The different types of crystal singing bowls and mallets
  • - The benefits that crystal singing bowls
  • - How to play the singing bowls (and how not to play them!)
  • - Notes that sound well together
  • - The importance of sound waves and the human mind/body
  • - How to set up your bowls before playing
  • - How to be mindful and work with intention
  • - How to cleanse and charge your crystal bowls
  • - Light touch on Cymatics and charging water from your bowl
  • - How crystal singing bowls relate to each energy centre in the body
  • - Working with Chakra Mantras and Mala beads as tools to improve mood, anxiety or stress
  • - The magical healing harmonic code that in inside of all of us
  • - Light touch on Epigenetic's and Biochemistry
  • - Group discussion where we explore a number of ways crystal singing bowls can be incorporated into your business and life in general
We end the workshop with a Chakra Sound Session that will leave you feeling amazing.

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