Melbourne Crystal Singing Bowls Workshop
MELBOURNE Feb 25 | Level 1 Crystal Singing Bowls Workshop For Beginners
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MELBOURNE Feb 25 | Level 1 Crystal Singing Bowls Workshop For Beginners

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Crystal Singing Bowls Workshop For Beginners in Melbourne

Join us for a half-day interactive workshop to learn all about crystal singing bowls and the benefits of sound healing. Suitable for all beginners 💛

Workshop Details

Location: Alive Yoga & Pilates – Suite 1, 92 Main Street, Greensborough VIC

Date: Saturday, 25th February 2023

Time: 12pm-4pm 

Facilitator: Kristi Sinclair from Compassion Hub (Certified Rainbow Sounds Educator)

All attendees receive a 'Certificate of Completion' at the end of the workshop

Workshop Agenda – what you'll learn

Part 1: The essentials

  • How to strike and sing the bowls
  • Wake up & close down process
  • Cleanse and care for your crystal bowl
  • The Chakras and musical notes relating to each bowl
  • Understanding Sound Journeys

Part 2: Science – how we can relate using singing bowls back to science

  • Brainwaves & frequency
  • Epigenetics
  • BioChemistry

Part 3: Sound, Space And Silence

  • What is the Healing harmonic code
  • Making space for change in your life
  • Listening to the sound that is in silence

Part 4: Practical Applications and Mindfulness

  • Working with crystal bowls in Ritual and with your breath to improve mood, anxiety, stress and shift energy and• How the crystal singing bowls relate to each energy centre in the body

We end the workshop with an Energy Balancing Sound Session that will leave you feeling amazingly connected to your oneness in the universe.

Choosing Your Crystal Singing Bowl

We'll have a variety of crystal singing bowls available on the day for you to choose as your free bowl. The bowls range in styles: white or colour, and sizes available are dependant on availabilities.

You'll also get 1 mallet with the bowl. A box or foam padding can be provided if you need, or you can purchase a carry bag on the day. Or bring something to wrap your bowl in for the ride home.

Specials on the Day

We offer special exclusive prices only available on the workshop day. This is your opportunity to buy an extra bowl (or bag), start a collection or complete a set. 


Please note this is a shoes off venue.

Once we receive your order, you'll be sent an order confirmation from Rainbow Sounds. You'll also receive a booking confirmation from the workshop facilitator directly. 

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our workshops. For quick response, send us a message on Facebook Messenger (on the website) or via our Facebook page 💟

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