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SOLD OUT- November 8th Crystal Singing Bowl Workshop + Free Singing Bowl

SOLD OUT- November 8th Crystal Singing Bowl Workshop + Free Singing Bowl

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This workshop runs over 3 hours in Southport Gold Coast, venue hosted by The Lovely Yoga Temple.
In this workshop you will get to play with a range of singing bowls and also learn:
- The different types of crystal singing bowls and mallets
- The benefits that crystal singing bowls
- How to play the singing bowls (and how not to play them!)
- Notes that sound well together
- The importance of sound waves and the human mind/body.
- How to set up your bowls before playing
- How to be mindful and work with intention
- How to cleanse and charge your crystal bowls
- Light touch on Cymatics and charging water or wine :-) from your bowl
- How the crystal singing bowls relate to each energy centre in the body
- Working with Mantras as a tool to improve mood, anxiety or stress.
- Understand what is the magical healing harmonic code that in inside of all of us
- Light touch on Epigenetic's and Biochemistry, that we are in control of factors of change in our life.
Short tea break - I supply some fruit and some yummy bakery snacks.
- Group discussion where we explore a number of ways crystal singing bowls can be incorporated into your business and or your daily life in general.
- We end the workshop with an Energy Balancing Sound Session that will leave you feeling amazingly connected to your oneness.
Yes you can buy more crystal singing bowls on the day if you like.
I will have lots there and they will all be new and waiting to go home with you.

Bring something to wrap you new crystal bowl in for the ride home, as this workshop includes a free singing bowl. Choose from the selection on the day. Or message me on Facebook to request something particular that I bring for you. 
- This is a shoes off venue, there is a very nice toilet and a small kitchen are available.

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