Self-Love Mala Beads (Kids size)
Mala Beads for Kids
Self-Love Mala Beads (Kids size)
Mala Beads for Adults and Kids
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Mala Beads for Kids
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Self-Love Mala Beads (Kids size)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Mala Beads for Adults and Kids

Self-Love Mala Beads (Kids size)

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Hand Made 'Self-Love' Mala Beads for Mantra Meditation 

These lovely mala mantra meditation beads are perfect for your Mantra Mornings! We love them and know you will too.


  • Rose Quartz and Raw Amazonite beads. The raw Amazonite will also have Black Tourmaline, Mica, Smoky Quartz and Epidote, that's most commonly formed with the Amazonite.
  • The beads are self love mantra beads, simply because of the particular combination of rose quartz and Amazonite. Rose Quartz (the crystal of unconditional love that has a high vibration). Combined with raw Amazonite that offers a wave of calm over your emotions and provides balance and clarity to your Throat chakra, Kindness and love into your Heart Chakra and Purification around your Thyroid area.
  • As soon as you place the beads around your neck, you shall feel an instant cooling in temperature, as the beads begin to calm you. Choose your mantra and have fun in your mantra meditation, as you use your voice going up and down your vocal cord range, just have fun and let the unconditional love flow.
  • Our Chakra Cards complement really well with the mala beads to learn about the 7 major chakras.

2 sizes available:

  • Adult size – 52 cm long
  • Kids size – suitable for ages 2-4 (the most perfect time to teach them about mindfulness or meditation)

I hope you love the beads as much as I do. I recommend starting with the Mantra: A-Hum-Prea-Ma, this is a Sanskrit meaning of, I am Love. It is also nice to use a mix of your own spoken language and Sanskrit, repeating the mantra in Sanskrit first, then in your own spoken language, repeat for each bead while playing your crystal singing bowl. It's just so magical!

The mala beads come with a linen pouch 

Tip: These beads can hold your essential oils quite nicely if you rub a drop or 2 onto the beads before your mantra meditation. It is lovely to keep the beads on after meditation so they are sent during the day, and the touch of the beads may be a subtle reminder to be in the present moment.


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