Binaural Sound Set – Heart & Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls (White)

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Set of 2 Binaural Sound Crystal Singing Bowls (White) – Heart & Solar Plexus

  • 99.9% High Purity Australian Quartz Crystal
  • 432Hz scale to allow the best sound and vibrational healing
  • Signature Matt Finish on the outside to maximise sound purity 

This Binaural Sound Set includes 2 Crystal Singing Bowls – Heart Bowl and Solar Plexus Bowl:

  • Heart Chakra Bowl – 9" bowl, F note
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Bowl – 10" bowl, E note

PLEASE NOTE: These 2 bowls are best played in the middle of a sound treatment (NOT the start or the end) due to how it effects the brainwave pattern. See below to read more about Binaural Sound or for further training, please enrol into one of our workshops or 1:1 classes. 

What's included:

  • 2 white crystal singing bowls (Heart & Solar Plexus)
  • 2 white and black o-rings (for the bowls to sit on)
  • 2 mallets (one rubber, one silicone)
  • 2 chakra cards (Heart & Solar Plexus)

For easy identification, our white bowls have the chakra symbol printed inside.

*Please note: Actual product colours may vary from the images shown

What is a Binaural Sound?

Binaural Sound is when one ear can hear one sound and the other hears another sound (for example, sound of E bowl and sound of F bowl). When played together you'll hear a 3rd sound - the brain perceives this sound as its own unique brainwave creating what is called a "phantom wave".

We call this magical sound a heart flutter.

Playing these 2 bowls in your own practice induce feelings of relaxation and lowers your brainwave, allowing you to drop into theta or even delta brain wave if you play them before bed. This is a lovely set to play to ease stress, anxiety and tension in the body.

Why is the theta brain wave so important? As it turns of the thinking part of your brain.

These 2 bowls are best played in the middle of a sound treatment (not the start or the end) due to how it effects the brainwave pattern.

For further training, please enrol into one of our workshops.

*Note: Actual product colours and printed chakra colours may vary from the images shown. Please read below for more information about our bowls.



A few words from Bianca from Rainbow Sounds™)

1. We Design and Make Our Own Bowls

Well firstly, what a lot of people don't know is that we design and make our own bowls with our own production team. We are not just a distributor. I am very particular myself and need to know the tools are producing correct musical notes, at the right frequencies, and at the high quality and high purity that I expect. And that's how I design our bowls, and continue to do so each production run. And always made and produced with love and kindness 💖

2. High Purity Australian Quartz

We respect and honour the quartz and are so proud to be able to make our crystal singing bowls with High Purity Australian Quartz 🐨 – sourced from quartz sand deposits that are made by nature every year (i.e. not mined) and are in abundance. High Purity means our bowls have a much longer sound resonance, and it's the sound thats healing (that's why it's called Sound Healing).

3. Signature Finish - Smooth & Matt

When I designed these bowls, I wanted them to be easy for customers to play. Unlike the frosted bowls you commonly find (which makes it hard to play), our bowls have our own Signature Finish – it's smooth and matt on the outside. This allows for much better sound purity and also minimises the drag on the mallet.

4. Tuned 432hz Scale

Our crystal singing bowls are tuned from 432hz scale, this means the sound is more harmonious to our ears and thus into the cells in our body.

5. Final words...

It’s the hard work and dedication to the craft that keeps our crystal singing bowls a step above the rest, with a nice long resonance of sound.

Please keep in mind that our crystal bowls are made in a kiln by humans, with love and kindness. While they are made to a musical instrument standard in sound, they are finished by hand, and may have some slight inconsistent grooves or surface finishing, as not each product is the same. 

The quartz bowls all have their own unique expression and often if you find 1 or 2 dots in your bowl it could be a tiny piece of magnetite rock that does not wish to part with the quartz. We allow this imperfection and honour the quartz. 

For our colour bowl range, each bowl is made to our specifications at the time. As we make bowls every quarter we may change the tint of colour based on what raw materials are available. For example, some yellow is bright and sometimes its 2 subtle shades darker 😁

This is how you know we make each item to our specific needs and not just mass produced many bowls for the sake of it.. each Rainbow Sounds™ bowl is made to a musical instrument standard sound resonance and always, made with love and kindness. 

With love and gratitude 🙏
Bianca xo

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