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Starter Set (White) Bowl + Online Training

Starter Set (White) Bowl + Online Training

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This is a starter kit for beginners wanting to explore the world of crystal sounds! Also makes as a lovely gift pack.

What's included in this pack:

  • Set of 4 white crystal singing bowls
    • Root Chakra 12" (C Note)
    • Solar Plexus 10" (E Note)
    • Throat Chakra 8" (G Note)
    • Crown Chakra 6" (B Note)
  • 1 purple carry bag to fit your set of 4 bowls + protective pouches
  • 2 mallets (one rubber, one suede)
  • 4 white o-rings
  • 7 chakra cards pack
  • Online Zoom video call training, workbook provided

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