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Yoga Teacher Crystal Singing Bowl Starter Kit (White)

Yoga Teacher Crystal Singing Bowl Starter Kit (White)

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This is a starter kit for yoga teachers or yoga studios to incorporate crystal singing bowls into your classes. Add Yoga Teacher Training to your order, completed online via live video call, your certificate is posted to you on completion.

What's included in this pack:

  • Set of 4 white crystal singing bowls 
    • Root Chakra 12" (C Note)
    • Solar Plexus 10" (E Note)
    • Throat Chakra 8" (G Note)
    • Crown Chakra 6" (B Note)
  • 1 purple carry bag to fit your set of 4 bowls + protective pouches
  • 2 mallets (one rubber, one suede)
  • 4 white o-rings
  • 7 chakra cards pack 

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