The Goddess Set

If you're a true Goddess or if you're working on becoming one, our Goddess Set will bring pure magic and bliss into your life as a Goddess 💟

This empowering set comes with the Sacral Chakra 11" Bowl and Third Eye Chakra 7" Bowl, as well as Self-Love Mala Beads, Chakra Cards, Rubber Mallet and the Magic Wand (i.e. Silicone Mallet)

Sold out

Sold out

The Sacral Chakra bowl is associated with your emotional body, your sensuality, and your creativity. Playing the D note of this bowl along with saying the sound VAM several times adds another level to your meditation, bringing high vibrations into your body, moving and eventually freeing stuck emotions, allowing you to be more freely creative in your life.

The delightful Third Eye Chakra bowl has a high vibration of 432hz and is an A note, it complements musically with the D note of the Sacral. The Third Eye Chakra bowl will bring clarity to your mind, assist you with activating your pineal gland and unlocking happy and healthy hormones into your body naturally. The sound to say with the Third Eye Chakra bowl is Eye, saying this sound with a long breath and a long sound. Honouring your inner and outer Goddess is a power and a right that you have control over by choosing the focus on yourself first.

If you run Goddess Circles, or even attend a Goddess Circle, then this is surely going to be a magical offering to your group ✨

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