Care Guide

Rainbow Sounds™ crystal singing bowls are made of high purity quartz (HPQ) crystal so they are fragile, high vibrational instruments that need to be cared for with love and attentiveness. With the right care and proper handling, your bowl can stay beautiful and last longer.

Here is a helpful guide on how to care for your Rainbow Sounds™crystal singing bowls.

1. Handling and using your bowl

• Crystal singing bowls are fragile high vibration instruments, so handle carefully and attentively, with reverence and care. Treat them like you would with a breakable object, like crystal wine glasses.

Wash your hands before touching or playing your bowls to minimise leaving oil stains on them.

Carry your bowl from the bottom with two hands.

• When taking the bowls outside or on a trip, use a well padded carry bag or pouch.

• These bowls are high vibrational instruments with crystalline energy. We suggest connecting with your bowl as you would with any precious crystal.

Do not use or leave water in the bowl regularly! As this will change the frequency of the bowl, and also cause the chakra stamps/stickers to slowly peel off.

2. Playing and singing your bowl

Always play the bowl gently (i.e. slowly and softly) then gradually go up in speed. That is, strike the bowl softly and sing the bowl slowly.

DO NOT over-strike or over-sing your bowl. Minimise the risk of breaking them by not over striking or over singing them. If you play the bowl too hard or too fast, the bowl can over-vibrate which can cause it to break or even snap in half.

Only the soft sections of the mallets should touch the bowl when you play them. For example, only the rubber section of the rubber mallet should touch the bowl, if the wooden part of the mallet touches the rim of the bowl as you're playing, it can chip the edge.

Always play on the outside of the bowl (not the inside)

3. Cleaning your bowl

• To clean the bowl, use cold water with a soft microfibre cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals. The cloth should preferably be white or neutral to avoid colour residue that may stain the bowl.

• Be gentle when cleaning your bowl. Do not scrub the bowl.

Bowls should always be wiped dry before you put it away. The bowl can be wiped dry with a soft microfibre cloth or left in the sun to dry off if you prefer.

Cleanse your bowl regularly as it can absorb energy from other people or environments, or even to cleanse it from your 'old' energy.

4. Storing your bowl

Store your bowls in well padded carry bags and/or pouches, or in a safe spot on "display" – perhaps a shelf or table.

• If it is stored on "display", always use the provided o-rings to sit the bowl on.

• Store your bowls in a place where they won't be accidentally knocked over by children or pets.

Avoid putting things in the bowl (even the mallets) and don't stack things on top of it.

There are many more things to consider and the do's and don'ts with crystal singing bowls. We recommend you attend one of our workshops or online training to learn more.

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