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Practitioner's Challis – High Purity Clear Quartz

Made with Australian High Purity Quartz Crystal, this beautiful Challis is a very deep sounding unique singing bowl – it plays stunningly clear and pure smooth sounds.

The unique combined handle-and-stand design allows you to hold the Challis while you're playing it, then put it down… and the sound will keep playing! This makes it ideal for Sound Healers and Practitioners who play sound baths, and for focused energy onto each participant. Or to extend your collection of chakra bowls.

The Challis has a clear and deep pure note, a full bodied sound and is made to the 3rd octave.

2 Notes Available:

  • Gaia Seed Chakra (A3 note): and is very deep Third Eye expanding when you use it close to you. Gaia Seed Chakra is our link to mother earth.
  • Earth Star Chakra (B3 note): connecting from Gaia into our human body on this earthly existence. 


  • Size: 7.5" inch bowl (approx. 19cm), stands at 34cm tall
  • Musical Note: 2 options available – A3 (Gaia Seed) Deep sound very powerful and B3 (Earth Star) - also a deep sound, both have long resonance deeply felt into your cells
  • Frequency: Tuned from a base of 432hz scale

What it comes with:

  • Our premium suede mallet with hollow centre – our recommended mallet to use with this bowl
  • Padded Carry bag (B3 Earth Star Challis comes with Purple Bag; A3 Gaia Seed Challis comes with Beige Bag)

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*Actual product colours may vary from the images shown, note this is a clear transparent bowl


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