Musical Notes and Bowl Sets Explained

The musical notes of our Crystal Singing Bowls are similar to a Piano. Each key on the Piano is precisely tuned to play a specific note. Similarly, each Crystal Singing Bowl is perfectly tuned to a particular note.

A standard piano has 88 keys – 52 are white, 36 are black. The white keys represent standard notes whilst the black keys represent the sharps in between each standard note.

Similarly, Crystal Singing Bowls are also tuned to the same musical notes. Our 'Standard' bowls play the standard notes (i.e. white keys on the piano), while the 'Sharp' bowls play the sharp notes (i.e. black keys on the piano).

From the Base/Root bowl (C note), if you play the next 7 bowls (Soul Star C5 note), you’ll be playing the ‘full octaveDo-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do

This visual chart shows the Musical Notes on a Piano vs our Crystal Singing Bowls. Underneath are the bowl sets that we offer

We recommend 'Sharp' bowls as an extension of your existing set. That is, we recommend you to start with a half, full or extended set. For advanced practitioners, you can extend your collection with the sharp bowls.

432hz Tuning Scale

Rainbow Sounds Crystal Singing Bowls are tuned from a base of 432hz scale frequency, based on the universal music tuning A = 432hz.

A common misconception is that all bowls are 432hz, which is incorrect. Because if all the bowls are 432hz, then all the bowls would be tuned to the A note!