8 Modalities That Go Well With Crystal Singing Bowls

8 Modalities That Go Well With Crystal Singing Bowls

Common Modalities that go well with Crystal Singing Bowls

1. Meditation

Meditation doesn't have to be quiet, it can actually be full of sound. Crystal Singing Bowls can be used to transform brain waves into Theta Frequency, resulting in a deep meditative state.

2. Yoga

Yoga and Crystal Sound is a beautiful unity. There are many ways to integrate Crystal Singing Bowls into Yoga. For example, we teach Yoga Teachers on how to allow sound waves to assist through yoga poses by integrating sound throughout a class, or play meditative sound bath journeys during Sahavasana at the end of the class.

3. Reiki

Crystal Singing Bowls produce Pure Energy and also absorbs energy, so it's the perfect technology to complement faciliating Reiki.

4. Massage Therapy

While message therapy assist in body relaxation, it also calms the mind. Using Crystal Singing Bowls during or at the end of a massage can enhance the full body-mind connection.

5. Kinesiology

Kinesiology and Crystal Singing Bowls work well together by way of buifeedback. Using the bowls to help raise electromagnetic fields vibration allows for muscle monitoring and biofeedback to be clearer and more precise.

6. Pilates

Crystal Singing Bowlas can be integrated into a Pilates and Sound class to enhance the body's Rest and Restore made after a Pilates workout.

7. Feng Shui

Crystal Singing Bowls can be used with Feng Shui to energitically cleanse our homes.

8. Psychology / Psychotherapy

Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls can calm the mind and assist the body to go into Parasympathetic Nervous System (move away from flight or flight). It can also assist in the treatment of anxiety, stress and in some cases depression.