Crystal Singing Bowls Workshop for Beginners + Free Singing Bowl

Rainbow Sounds run monthly workshops in Gold Coast where we teach beginners the magical world of crystal singing bowls! Attendees take home a FREE crystal singing bowl.

We also run workshops in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Read below for what you'll learn at our workshops or see list of current workshops >

What you will learn

Part 1: The essentials
- How to strike and sing the bowls
- Wake up & close down process
- Cleanse and care for your crystal bowl
- The Chakras and musical notes relating to each bowl
- Understanding Sound Journeys 

Part 2: Science, how we can relate using singing bowls back to science 
- Brainwaves & frequency
- Epigenetics
- BioChemistry

Part 3: Sound, Space And Silence
- What is the Healing harmonic code
- Making space for change in your life - Listening to the sound that is in silence 

Part 4: Practical Applications and Mindfulness 
- How the crystal singing bowls relate to each energy centre in the body
- Working with your crystal bowl as a tool to improve mood, anxiety, stress and shift energy.


"Thank you Thank you 🙏Bianca for the most enlightening sound bowl experience doing your 3 hour course .. so much knowledge imparted and it was fun too! 💓💓"
- Jacqueline le Roux, Gold Coast

"Bianca is a Pocket Rocket 🚀 of fun energy ✨!! She is so knowledgeable about singing bowls and creates a dynamic and uplifting environment to learn in. Bianca knows her content very well and this passion oozes from her in every interaction. Thank you for helping me, and being a pillar of light. I will be back again and again 😊"
- Hil Wilson, Gold Coast

"Had my workshop today with Bianca. Very informative, easy to follow, and well explained instructions. A lovely location with a good group number which allowed each person to ask questions . It went for 3 hours including a break which was perfect. Bianca has just an infectious personality that allows anyone from beginner to pro to fit right in and share her knowledge. I truly believe she is a light worker who has everyone’s best intention including her own at heart and will go above and beyond to help anyone who has a passion for sound healing at any stage you are at . Simple and effective techniques backed up with rituals and exercises to assist you through your journey I would definitely recommend her to those seeking a journey down this beautiful track. ❤️"

See list of current workshops >

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