NDIS Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is now funded by the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) – this means Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Training can be invoiced to NDIS for payment.

Rainbow Sounds NDIS Sound Therapy Pack

$2,500 + gst

What You'll Get:

✓ Set of 7 Crystal Singing Bowls (choose White or Colour bowls) for Sound Meditation
✓ 2 Carry Bags (beige for white bowls, purple for colour bowls)
✓ Mala Beads for meditation, Chakra Cards pack
✓ 2 Mallets (rubber and silicone) and O-rings for the bowls to sit on (white and black)
✓ Online Video Training (these are easy to follow, bite sized videos)

Our online training allows you to learn new skills, Capacity Building Activity, Assistive Technology that provides support to the wellness

How to Purchase:

Self Managed

If you're self-managed, simply purchase the pack here

Plan Managed

If you're plan managed, complete the form below.

We'll send an invoice to your Plan Manager for processing.

Plan Managed NDIS

If you have a Plan Manager that manages your NDIS plan, we'll send your order invoice to your Plan Manager for processing and payment. Be sure to talk to your Plan Manager about this so they can expect the incoming invoice from us.

Follow these steps:

1. Complete the form below with your details, your NDIS details and your order details.

2. Talk to your NDIS plan manager and let them know you'd like to include this as part of your NDIS plan. Ask them if you can have this included on top of your regular funding.

3. Once we receive your submitted form, we'll send the order invoice to your NDIS plan manager. We'll contact you for any additional information if required.

4. Once payment is received for your order, we'll send the purchased items to you (as provided for your shipping address). We'll also contact you to organise a time for your online training.


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