Practitioners & Yoga Teachers

Incorporate crystal singing bowls into your modality

The healing power of crystal singing bowls is well known, but did you know pracititioners and yoga teachers can also incorporate them into their modality?

Crystal singing bowls can be offered in your practice by way of sound meditation, sound bath journeys and one-on-one treatments.







Crystal singing bowls for practitioners and yoga teachers

Which bowls are recommended for practitioners and yoga teachers?

Rainbow Sounds offer a range of bowls tailored for practitioners and yoga teachers, including starter kits for yoga teachers and the beautiful Practitioner's Challis.

Learn how to incorporate crystal singing bowls into your modality

For practitioners new to crystal singing bowls, we recommend to attend our Level 1 workshop (in-person or online) so you can learn basic and effective techniques, how to play and how not to play, the benefits and science. From there, enrol in our online Level 2 class (online) for deeper learning.

Our online class is launching soon, register to be notified when it launches.

Become a Stockist or Referrer

Yoga Teachers and Practitioners are invited to join our growing network of stockists and referrers. As a stockist and referrer, you'll receive benefits and/or profit margins simply by referring Rainbow Sounds bowls.