Crystal Singing Bowl Mallets... which one is right for you?

There are many types of crystal singing bowl mallets available... but how are they different and which mallet should you use?

Here is an overview of the 3 main types of mallets:
Rubber, Silicone and Suede.

3 types of mallets

Rubber Mallet

This easy to use rubber mallet is a great all-rounder for beginners or advanced sound healers.

• Easy to use from the get go
• Amplifies sound quickly
• Easily control sound waves with the push-and-pull method
• Recommended for 'singing' the bowl

Silicone Mallet

Nicknamed the magic wand, this beautiful silicone mallet has some wonderful features:

• Provides smoother and more consistent sounds
• Gives pure, serene tones when you strike with it
• Produces a slow build-up of sound with strong amplification • Recommended for 'striking' and 'singing' the bowl

Premium Suede Mallet

A fan favourite, the premium suede mallet is popular for many reasons:

• Luxurious thick suede makes it feel more substantial and fuller in your hand
• Recommended for our signature smooth bowls (i.e. not recommended for frosty bowls)
• Hollow centre allows sound waves to travel through

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