5 Common Myths About Crystal Singing Bowls Debunked

With the increasing popularity of crystal singing bowls and sound healings, unfortunately there are a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about crystal singing bowls. In this article, Bianca from Rainbow Sounds™ debunks some common myths about crystal singing bowls.

Myth #1

MYTH: Crystal Singing Bowls are made from solid crystal rock formations (i.e. geode) dug from underground.

FACT: Crystal Singing Bowls are actually made from Quartz Sand - found above ground, does not require digging and is in abudance to us.


Myth #2

MYTH: White crystal singing bowls are more healing than colour crystal singing bowls.

FACT: All bowls are equally healing – regardless of colour.
What matters most is the sound quality, achieved by the Purity of the Quartz. High Purity Quartz produces the best sound resonance for sound healing.


Myth #3

MYTH: Large bowls make better sound than smaller ones.

FACT: Size DOES NOT matter.
What matters is the Purity of the Quartz. Higher Purity Quartz produces the best sound resonance. Even a 6" bowl is very powerful.


Myth #4

MYTH: All crystal singing bowls are made for sound healing.

FACT: Only bowls made to instrumental standard is suitable for Sound Healing.
This includes things like correct frequency, correct note and importantly, purity of the quartz (i.e. High Purity Quartz)


Myth #5

MYTH: Playing your crystal singing bowl with water inside is good for the bowl.

FACT: Regularly playing your crystal singing bowl with water in it can in fact re-tune the frequency and sound - which may make the bowl ineffective in sound healing.

It's ok to place less than say, 1/3rd of water in your bowl to play it for a short moment, to see the Cymatic movement of the vibration. However, if for example you fill half the bowl with water and play it for awhile or regularly like that, it will retune your bowl – and you may not be able to tune it back to the original note.


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