7 Tips on How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystal Singing Bowls

7 Tips on How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystal Singing Bowls

Your complete guide to cleansing and charging your Crystal Singing Bowls
Charge crystal bowls in sunlight

1. Sunlight

Use solar power to charge your crystal singing bowls by playing your bowls in sunlight for 30 to 50 minutes.

Charge crystal bowls in moon light

2. New Moon

Use the power of the New Moon to charge your crystal sound bowls, infusing your intentions towards what you wish to manifst.

Play them on a night under the new moon for 30 to 50 minutes.

Cleanse crystal bowls in full moon

3. Full Moon

Use the brightness of the full moon light to cleanse your crystal singing bowls.

Play them on a night under the full moon for 30 to 50 minutes, giving gratitude and thanks.

Cleanse crystal bowls in sage smoke

4. Smoke

Burn your favourite smudge stick in and around your crystal singing bowls.

The smoke will cleanse and transform unwanted energy into the air.

Charge crystal bowls in earth and soil

5. Earth / Soil

Place your crystal singing bowl so that the bottom is sitting on earth, soil or sand.

Activate the bowl by softly striking it. Ask the earth to neutralise and recharge the energy.

Cleanse crystal sound bowls in flame

6. Heat / Flame

Light a tea light candle and place it in your crystal singing bowls while you play them. Ask the flame to burn off any stuck energy so it may be set free.

Charge and charge crystal singing bowls

7. Crystals

Activate a Quartz crystal by holding it in your hand and keeping it warm. At the same time, play your crystal sound bowls and infuse your intentions into the crystals – this works for both cleansing and charge.