Full Moon Ritual with Crystal Singing Bowls

Full Moon Ritual with Crystal Singing Bowls

Try this Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation in the comfort of your own home! All you need are crystal singing bowls, your favourite crystals, gratitude journal....
Full moon ritual with crystal singing bowls

1. Set Up Your Mat

Set up your mat under the Full Moon. Somewhere safe and quiet where you won't be disturbed, and under the brightness of the Moon Light.

2. Lay Out Your Crystals & Crystal Singing Bowls

On the mat, lay out your Crystals and Crystal Singing Bowls. Let it bath in the bright Moon Light for at least 30 minutes. Leaving Crystal Singing Bowls under the Moon Light allows them to absorb energy.

3. Write Your Gratitudes

While the Crystals and Crystal Bowls are bathing in the Moon Light, sip your cup of tea or cacao. Write in your journal, giving gratitude in advance to the Universe for assisting in bringing manifestations to you.

4. Give Yourself a Sound Bath

Next, give yourself a Sound Bath to enjoy. Play for the Universe, Mother Nature and for yourself. Playing the Crystal Singing Bowls produces energy. As you play, spread the high vibrations and energy all around you into the Universe.

5. Close Down Your Bowls

To finish, sit in silence and listen for the sound that is within you. Once you feel that your silence is ready to end (5-10 mins) open your eyes and strike each bowl to close them back down.

Give them Thanks & Gratitude for assisting the Universe to bring the manifestation to you.