Best Tips For How To Play Crystal Singing Bowls

How to play crystal singing bowls

Tips on How To Play Crystal Singing Bowls

Are you a new beginner of crystal singing bowls? Bought your first crystal sound bowls but don't know where to start?

Here is a helpful guide on how to play crystal sound bowls.

Setting up your bowls

Set up your crystal singing bowls in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed, and set your intentions.

Set up your crystal bowls in a quiet place

Ensure your crystal sound bowls are sitting on a flat surface and on the o-rings provided

Use o-rings for your crystal bowls to sit on

How to play the bowls

Use suitable mallets to play the crystal bowls – we recommend rubber mallet, premium silicone mallet, or suede mallet.

Use silicone, rubber or suede mallets

Only the soft section of the mallet should touch the crystal singing bowl when you play them

Only the soft section of mallet

If the crystal bowl is small, you can hold it provided it is steady and safe in your hand

You can hold the bowl in your hand

Always play on the outside of the bowl – Do not play the inside of the bowl!

Play on the outside of bowl

Be gentle when you play. Always strike the bowl softly and sing your bowl slowly. For example, tap the bowl "soft as a feather" – if the crystal bowl is made of high purity quartz then there is no need to strike the bowl hard.

Strike bowl softly sing bowl slowly

Avoid playing the crystal singing bowl too hard or too fast – it can cause the bowl to over-vibrate which can cause it to break or even snap in half!

Dont play bowl too hard or too fast

Final words

Finally, play with love and kindness in your heart and most importantly, have fun with them!

Play with love and kindness

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