4 Ways to Use  Crystal Singing Bowls in Your Daily Life

4 Ways to Use Crystal Singing Bowls in Your Daily Life

Using crystal singing bowls in your daily life can help alleviate stress and anxiety, and help you get a good night's sleep

Morning routine with crystal sound bowls

In The Morning

Start your day with yoga or a few gentle stretches, followed by a meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls.

As you play slowly, take a deep breath and say "ommm" for as long as you can – repeat 8 times.

End by setting your intentions for the day.

During The Day

Our days are often busy and go by quickly.

So take time to pause. Find a quiet place to sit down with your Crystal Singing Bowl.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths – pay attention to the rhythm of your breath. Then, softly strike and sing your bowl, feel the vibrations within you. This will help you reset your thinking brain and re-gain clarity.

After meditation sound healing
Play sound baths for your pets

Before or After Dinner

Our evening routines are often the hardest to change. Playing Crystal Singing Bowls is a lovely way to not get stuck watching TV or being on digital devices.

Start a new routine and play a sound bath for yourself, your family or even your furry friends!

Before Bed

Ending your day with a Gratitude Meditation is so beneficial to help you get a good night's sleep.

Set up a safe space in your room. If you like, apply some essential oils behind your ears. Play one or two Crystal Singing Bowls together and express your gratitude for the day.

End with a mantra or affirmation. My favourite one is "A-Hum-Prema" ("I am love"). Repeat 8 times.

Sound meditation before bed