New Moon Ritual with Crystal Singing Bowls

New Moon Ritual with Crystal Singing Bowls

Try this New Moon Ritual for Manifestation in the comfort of your own home! All you need are crystal singing bowls, your favourite crystals, gems and stone....
New Moon Ritual with Crystal Singing Bowls

1. Set Up Your Space

Gather your Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystals, Incense/Candles, Smudge Kit and Oracle/Affirmation Cards. Set them up on your mat (with space for you to sit) under the new moon. Somewhere safe of course, and where you won't be disturbed.

2. Cleanse & Release

Begin by softly striking each Crystal Singing Bowl once to wake them up. Cleanse the space, your bowls and yourself. Release any energy, thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you. Give them compassion, then let them flow on.

3. Set Intentions & Manifest

Start sipping your Cacao, set your intentions and manifest what you want to bring in your life. Do this with visualisations. Express gratitude in advance, and feel the real feelings of this manifestation as if it has already become true. This tells the Universe you're ready to receive.

4. Drink Cacao

Embrace your cup of Cacao and peacefully sip it. Let it bring you to the present moment, and open your heart space to flow freely. Take a few long and slow breaths, and visualise your heart energy glowing and growing around you.

5. Voice Warm Up

Now, let's warm up your voice. Play a Crystal Singing Bowl and tone your voice to it – say out loud (long and slow) "Ommmm" or "Yuuuumm".

6. Play the Crystal Singing Bowls

Now it's time to play all your bowls and use your voice as you focus on these intentions and visualisations. Play for as long as you like with love and kindness. 45 minutes is a good guide.

7. Sit in Silence

To finish, sit in silence and listen for the sound that is within you. Once you feel that your silence is ready to end (perhaps 5-10 mins) open your eyes and strike each bowl (in order) so they know to close back down. Give them Thanks & Gratitude for assisting the Universe to bring the manifestation to you.