Meet our Wonderful Team of Rainbow Sounds Certified Educators

Meet our Wonderful Team of Rainbow Sounds Certified Educators

Have you met our incredible team of Rainbow Sounds Certified Educators – teaching and facilitating crystal singing bowls workshops and retreats across Australia? Let's meet them!

Sarah, Crystal Bowls Senior Certified Educator


Sarah is our amazing Rainbow Sounds Senior Educator – you may have attended one of her crystal bowl workshops or retreats across Australia.

Sarah likes to create a warm and approachable environment for her students, using her extensive experience as an established Sound Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, Level 2 Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master. 

Sarah has successfully run a Yoga and Healing Studio in the Lockyer Valley – holding classes, retreats, sister circles and many events and workshop for her community to embrace the path of Self Discover and Self Exploration.


Bess, Crystal Bowls Certified Educator - Sydney

Bess (Elizabeth)

Bess is a Rainbow Sounds Certified Educator for Level 1 crystal singing bowls classes Sydney and Canberra. 

As a Mental Health Advocate, Bess helps to raise awareness and is involved in community programs including being a mentor at the 'A Sound Life' Charity and hosts offsite Carers workshops.

Bess offers guidance on the benefits of sound, yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques and a range of holistic practices to help manage everyday stresses, encourage resilience and tapping you into your free-flowing states of mind, body, and spirit. Her mission is to raise the vibrations of the collective, promoting harmony within ourselves, each other, and the earth.


Emalea - Melbourne Certified Educator


Emalea is a Rainbow Sounds Certified Educator in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. As a seasoned Sound Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Trainer, Emalea infuses her classes with both knowledge and a nurturing, compassionate approach.

Emalea has successfully run her own business as a Holistic Health and Wellness Therapist holding Yin Yoga classes, retreats, sister circles and many events and workshop for her community to embrace the path of Self Discovery, Self Exploration, Confidence and Empowerment. 


Becky, Crystal Bowls Certified Educator in SE Qld


Becky is a Rainbow Sounds Certified Educator in South East Queensland, including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Becky is a respected guide, holistic healer, speaker, and educator in the world of spiritual well-being. Her experiences, both personal and professional, have moulded her into a beacon of light for those seeking clarity, purpose, and transformative healing. 


Bailey, Adelaide Certified Educator


Meet Bailey, Rainbow Sounds Certified Educator in Adelaide!

With an impressive 16 years of experience in the wellness industry, Bailey is a seasoned multi-talented practitioner who has dedicated her life to the art of self-care and rejuvenation. As an experienced Reiki master, Seichim practitioner and advanced Yoga Teacher, Bailey's diverse skill set allows her to offer a comprehensive approach to well-being, ensuring a transformative experience for those seeking balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Bailey's passion for holistic practices shines through in her classes, creating a space where students can embark on a journey of in-depth learning, self-discovery and renewal.

Bianca Rainbow Sounds


Bianca is the Founder of Rainbow Sounds and Online Courses Educator.

If you have attended one of Bianca’s classes in Gold Coast or Brisbane, you would’ve experienced her incredible enthusiasm and passion for crystal singing bowls and the benefits of sound therapy and meditation. Bianca brings the same positive energy into her online courses.