28 Day Crystal Bowl Challenge

28 Day Crystal Singing Bowls Challenge

Join our 28 Day Crystal Bowls Challenge and sharpen your skills to becoming an exceptional Sound Practitioner

Challenge begins on 29th January 2024Participation is free – no registration is required. Anyone can join in!

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What you’ll need

Chakra Balancing

Week 1: Chakra Balancing

Each day, play a chakra bowl for 20 mins – placing your awareness on the related chakra energy centre.

Play slowly and gently. Close your eyes if it helps you to focus on the bowl and the sound.

Make your way each day from Root (day 1) to Crown (day 7).

As you play, make or sing the sound with your voice:

Day 1: Root/Base - Lummmm
Day 2: Sacral - Vummm
Day 3: Solar Plexus - Rummm
Day 4: Heart - Yummm
Day 5: Throat - Hummm
Day 6: Third Eye - Shummm
Day 7: Crown - Ommmm

Tip: Use your vocal range high and low to find a comfortable tone.

One Hand Technique

Week 2: One Hand Technique

With a set of 3 crystal singing bowls, play for 30 mins using one mallet at a time.

Each day, explore and practice the techniques you learnt in our Level 1 class. Each day, swap mallets and hands so that you’re training both sides of the brain.

Play slowly and gently, take your time to connect with the bowls and the sounds.

Day 1: Rubber Mallet - Right Hand
Day 2: Silicone Mallet - Left Hand
Day 3: Suede Mallet - Right Hand
Day 4: Rubber Mallet - Left Hand
Day 5: Silicone Mallet - Right Hand
Day 6: Suede Mallet - Left Hand
Day 7: Rubber Mallet - Right Hand

Tips: If you haven’t attended our Level 1 class, explore your own techniques.

Two Hands Technique

Week 3: Two Hands Technique

With a set of 4 crystal singing bowls, play for 40 mins using 2 mallets.

Each day, practice the advanced techniques you learnt in our Level 2 course. Use 2 mallets with 2 hands. Each day, swap mallets and hands.

Take your time to explore and connect with the bowls.

Day 1: Rubber & Silicone Mallets 
Day 2: Rubber & Suede Mallets 
Day 3: Silicone & Suede Mallets
Day 4: 2 x Rubber Mallets 
Day 5: 2 x Silicone Mallets 
Day 6: 2 x Suede Mallets 
Day 7: Your favourite combo

Tips: If you haven’t attended our Level 2 course, explore your own techniques.

Sound Journeys

Week 4: Sound Journeys

On the final week, use a full set of 7 crystal singing bowls (or 8 with Soul Star) to play a 50-min sound journey. 

Practice playing with different bowl set ups. Explore different music notes, with and without voice work.

Day 1: Sound journey (music sheet) – bowls in chakra/musical notes order
Day 2: Sound journey (music sheet) – bowls in in harmony order
Day 3: Sound journey (improvise/explore) – bowls in chakra/musical notes order
Day 4: Sound journey (improvise/explore) – bowls in harmony order 
Day 5: Sound journey (improvise/explore with voice work) – bowls in chakra order
Day 6: Sound journey (improvise/explore with voice work) – bowls on harmony order
Day 7: Sound journey - your favourite combo

Tip: If you have the Soul Star bowl, include it in your sound journeys 


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