7 Ways Crystal Singing Bowls can help with Your New Year Manifestations

7 Ways Crystal Singing Bowls can help with Your New Year Manifestations

Crystal Singing Bowls help with new year manifestations

1. Mind-Body Connection

Playing Crystal Singing Bowls can help balance your chakras – promoting the free flow of energy and release any stuck emotions and blockages. All this helps to connect your body and mind, so you can reach your goals with clarity.

2. Feeling Grounded

The high vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls can help you feel grounded and connected with yourself. Each morning, focus on your intentions and strike your bowls just a few times while visualising your manifestations.

3. Positive Mindset

When playing Crystal Singing Bowls, it produces frequencies that stimulate neurotransmitters in your brain, supporting the body to produce happy hormones. A positive mindset can accelerate your manifestations process and bounce back after setbacks.

4. Increase Self Awareness

Using your voice to chant the chakra sounds while playing Crystal Singing Bowls allows you to receive bio-feedback from your body. This helps to increase your awareness with the energy flow within your body.

5. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Using Crystal Singing Bowls entrains the brainwaves to quiet the mind and go into a deep meditative state, supporting feelings of calm, and alleviate stress and anxiety.

6. Sleep Better

You snooze, you win! Developing a regular practice of giving yourself a sound bath before bed can release melatonin (the body's sleep drug). Getting a good night's sleep can help you function with more focus and clarity.

7. Connect with Nature

Playing your Crystal Singing Bowls outside or in nature not only benefits your mental health, your bowls will also love you for it! Play for yourself, mother nature and the universe.

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