7 Tips for Playing Sound Baths with Crystal Singing Bowls

7 Tips for Playing Sound Baths with Crystal Singing Bowls

1. Setting Up Your Bowls

Set up your bowls on the mat not too far from your arm’s reach. Consider distance between each bowl and allow them space to breathe. This will allow you to play them easily and fluidly.

2. Wake Up The Bowls

Before you begin your Sound Bath, wake up the Crystal Singing Bowls by striking each bowl softly, from deepest note to highest note (i.e. Chakra order from Base/Root to Crown).

3. Set Your Intentions

Set your intentions and manifest what you want to achieve from this Sound Bath. This helps to keep you focused and allow the energy to know where to flow.

4. Play With Structure & Balance

There’s a big difference between playing intuitively vs following a structure. Play a Sound Journey that has been developed with balance and structure – with a beginning, a middle and an end.

5. Know Your Timings

A Sound Bath can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Plan your time well – from dropping your audience into the space, to allowing enough time to come back into the body slowly.

6. Grounding & Integration

If you have a Practitioner's Challis (Earth Star), play it for each participant at the end of the Sound Bath. This is a lovely way to assist them to become grounded, back into their earthly body.

7. Close Down & Give Gratitude

When your Sound Bath has finished, close down the bowls by gently striking down in order. Give gratitude to the bowls, your participants, yourself and the universe.