Your Guide to Crystal Singing Bowls and Pregnancy

Whilst crystal singing bowls provide many health benefits, there are important things to be aware of if you're pregnant or soon to be expecting.

Here is a guide to common questions relating to crystal singing bowls and pregnancies.

Crystal singing bowls and pregnancy

Is it safe to play crystal singing bowls during pregnancy?

You can safely play crystal singing bowls after the first 12 weeks (or the 1st trimester) i.e. after the initial period where the baby has naturally formed without the external influence or added vibrations.

Bowls should be placed in front of you on the floor or on a table.

Sound bath with crystal singing bowls

Is it safe to listen to crystal singing bowls when you're pregnant?

It is safe to listen to crystal singing bowls while you're pregnant provided that you're listening to it from a distance.

It is important to note that crystal singing bowls (or any other musical instruments) should not be placed anywhere on your body if you are pregnant or soon to be expecting.


How will the vibrational frequencies created from crystal singing bowls affect me if I'm pregnant?

The vibrations created from playing crystal singing bowls may cause you to experience subtle movements in the water and your baby may move around a bit, which is completely natural.

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