How To Play A Crystal Singing Bowl

How To Play A Crystal Singing Bowl

I often get asked this question, so here go's with my best written explanation.  

Before I start with how to play a crystal singing bowl, I like to acknowledge how Not To Play Them. 

How not to play a crystal singing bowl. 

  • Try to not hit or strike your crystal singing bowl to hard
  • Avoid singing them to fast (winding them up to fast and loud), as they are crystals after-all and may shatter

Now the fun stuff. How to play your lovely crystal singing bowl. 

  • Use the mallets provided to you. 
  • To wake up you crystal singing bowl, lightly strike it at a 45 degree angle at the top/side of the bowl (lightly) 
  • Softly, softly and softly. I say this because new people like to go hard, and these are crystals! They are delicate. So start soft, and work up from there.
  • Strike the outside rim with a rubber mallet no more than 1-2 inch down from the top.
  • Singing you bowl. It is best for beginners to strike first then follow the vibration around the bowl with your mallet slow and soft.
  • Acknowledge there are 2 sides to your bowl, clock wise (male) and anti clock wise (female) or some may say Yin and Yang, or Positive and Negative, etc etc.. Sing both sides and thank them for their combined force. 
  • Play with intention every single time, or do not play at all. 

Most of all, have fun, enjoy and work with the divine energy in a loving and kind way that serves you and others in the greatest good.