Level 2 Training

Gain Advanced Skills, Knowledge and Techniques in using Crystal Singing Bowls for your Classes, Practice or Modality

Learn to confidently play a 45-minute Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls, guided with our exclusive Sound Bath Music Sheet (included free with training), as well as advanced techniques, skills and knowledge. Our Level 2 training is accredited with MHA.

Level 2 Online Course

Our self-paced online course allows you to learn the art of playing sound baths with crystals singing bowls in the comfort of your own home. Free Sound Bath Music Sheet included. Accredited with MHA.

Level 2 Retreat

We invite you to our exclusive Rainbow Sounds Retreat at the beautiful Amara Retreat in Noosa Hinterland (Sunshine Coast). This retreat combines our new Level 2 training with an immersive, holistic experience to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

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