Sound baths with crystal singing bowls

4 Ways to Set Up Crystal Singing Bowls for Sound Baths

Setting up your Crystal Singing Bowls effectively is crucial for a harmonious Sound Bath experience. Here are 4 ways to arrange your Crystal Singing Bowls for an enriching Sound Journey.

1. Chakra Order

One of the most popular ways is setting up your bowls in chakra order - from Root/Base right through to Crown. This is ideal for sound journeys focused on balancing and aligning energy centres.

If you have coloured bowls, this line up also makes a beautiful rainbow! So it has an added benefit of including colour therapy into your sound bath.

chakra order

2. Musical Note Order

This is a wonderful set up for those most familiar with playing musical notes in order. It is also in order of size of the bowls, making it a great option for those who like to play intuitively.

musical note order

3. Harmony Sequence

Our favourite way to set up Crystal Singing Bowls is in harmony sequence, and this would be the most familiar for Rainbow Sounds students.

On the right are the D-F-A notes, and on the left are the C-E-G notes, with B in the middle. This is a wonderful way to set up as you'll have D-F-A harmony on one side, and C-E-G harmony on the other.

This is also the ideal set up for those following our Sound Bath Music Sheet.

harmony order

4. Full Octave (from C to C)

So far, we have explored how to set up a set of 7 bowls. If you have our Soul Star bowl (C5 note), you can achieve the full octave. So it's the full Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. You can't get better than this!

Full octave


Listen to the Full Octave

Take a listen to the full octave of Rainbow Sounds crystal singing bowls: