7 Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls for Children

7 Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls for Children

Crystal Singing Bowls for Children

1. Learn Mindfulness

Sitting in silence or silent meditation can be very challenging for kids. As an alternative, Sound Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls is a great way for little humans to practice meditation and being mindful.

2. Improve Focus

If your little ones get distracted easily, try this fun practice. On 'homework afternoons', strike a bowl once. Then have a solid block of focus (homework) for 5 to 10 minutes. Strike the bowl again for a 2 minute fun break. Repeat.

3. Ease Sleep Anxiety

The high vibrations produced from Crystal Singing Bowls, combined with long deep breathing, can activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Play a sound bath before bedtime to calm the nervous system and create a restful state of being and ease sleep anxiety.

4. Outward Expression

Using bowls with voice to make sounds is a great way for kids to express their emotions - and transform them. Sit down together and ask them to make the sound of how they're feeling (e.g. "ARGHHHH" if they feel angry). Then, while playing the bowl, do it again but transform to a soothing sound (e.g. "HHUUUMMMM")

5. Inner Peace Resonance

Voice and sound with crystal singing bowls can be a regular fun practice. Just 10 minutes a day, sitting down and making long voice sounds while playing a bowl. A popular one is "YUUMMMM". This practice helps bring inner peace into the body's cells and to feel calm. Refer to our Chakra Cards for more sound examples.

6. Improve Sleep Quality

If you're playing a sound bath before bedtime, while they're falling asleep leave the bowls in the bedroom as the bowls ring out. This gives the brainwaves the best chance to go from Theta to Delta waves, transitioning into a deeper sleep stage and help them get a good night's sleep.

7. Chakras for 7 Days

A fun activity is using the 7 energy centres, 7 rainbow colours and 7 days in a week. Each day focus on one chakra. 

For example, Wednesday is Heart Chakra (Green). In the morning, play the Heart bowl, acknowledge today is focus of the Heart. Make the sound of that chakra (for Heart, it's AAHHHH). Do an activity associated with green (e.g. the park). Play the bowl again at end of day, giving thanks and gratitude.

Refer to our Chakra Cards for more sound examples.

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