6 Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls for Seniors

6 Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls for Seniors

Crystal Singing Bowls for Seniors

1. Learn New Skills

Learning to play Crystal Singing Bowls, just like learning a new skill, not only help seniors forge new pathways in the brain, it can also increase cognitive abilities to keep a sharp mind.

2. Help with Sleep

Insomnia is a common problem in adults aged 60+, fortunately Crystal Singing Bowls can help. Playing a bowl before bed can help the body to naturally produce melatonin, a wonderful way to go into a deep sleep.

3. Control Motor Movements

Playing Crystal Singing Bowls is a great way to learn 'fine' motor skills (use of smaller muscles) and training the brain in controlling and regulating smooth motor movements. 

4. Social Connection

Having an active social life provides many benefits for seniors, including mood, cognition and memory recall. Playing and learn how to play Crystal Singing Bowls together, or playing for each other, allows seniors to socialise and stay connected.

5. Calm & Comfort

Sound Therapy with Sound Healing Bowls is a form of meditation that can benefit older adults who experience anxiety and depression. The soothing sounds and frequencies of the bowls help ease stress and tension that the body may be holding onto, providing a sense of calm and comfort.

6. Memory & Focus

For the prevention or preservation of Dementia and Alzheimer's, try combining what you want to remember with a melody using Crystal Singing Bowls. For example, to remember the name Dorothy, play the 3 notes D-F-A it (Do-ro-thy). This can help train the brain to retain important information. 

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