Yoga Teacher Sound Training (20hr) | Online 1:1 Training
Yoga Teacher Sound Training (20hr) | Online 1:1 Training
Yoga Teacher Sound Training (20hr) | Online 1:1 Training

Yoga Teacher Sound Training (20hr) | Online 1:1 Training

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Crystal Sound Training For Yoga Teachers Certificate (20hrs) - Online 1:1 Training

This training is designed to teach yoga teachers or yoga studios how to integrate crystal singing bowls into your yoga classes.

Please note you need to have quartz crystal bowls for this training. When you select a kit of bowls you also receive mala beads and chakra cards. 

Training Structure:

10 online learning hours via Zoom Video Calls over as little as 7 weeks, or as long as 6months depending on how fast you like to go.  – dates set per availability as this is one on one. Each Zoom is 1-2 hours.

Zoom 1 - The basics, how to play your bowls with a range of mallets and make meaningful sound journeys with love and kindness + incorporating bowls into yoga classes, what to be mindful of and the contra invocations + How to follow a music sheet with your bowls. (2 hours) - homework  ( often this can be split into 2 zooms)

Zoom 2 - The science and mathematics behind sound healing, learn the facts in a fun and informative way, so that you can articulate this back to your customers and show you have a great understanding of why sound is healing + homework feedback (2 hours)

Zoom 3 - The power of voice with the sound bowls, learn to run new style of classes + Chakra Balancing Class with a range of styles to fit your customer base + homework feedback (2 hours)

Zoom 4 -  The process of meditation techniques combined with sound bowls and your voice, to include mantras + homework feedback ( 2 hours)

Zoom 5 - Business and Marketing, grow your business and customer base + homework feedback ( 2 hours)

Practical Yoga Class Component: Learn from a yoga teacher how to incorporate the bowls with breath into classes. Learn a range of classes you can run. 

Complete a log book hours to complete : 10 hours signed and dated by your attendees  

Final Quiz: 4 pages, if you have read all course material and listen in our zooms, then you will know the answers to the questions. If you get a few wrong, it's ok, we just do a refresher class 1 hour. 

Practical component to be completed successfully and log book and quiz must be send into Rainbow Sounds for approval before certificate is issued. Rainbow Sounds accredited with MHA for insurance purposes, validating your training as a professional.

You will learn how to use your bowls in a yoga class, but also as a standalone class, and we have a range of classes you can run all using your bowls. They are more versatile than people are using them now, and I am excited to educate you and share my knowledge with you.